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Save your station time and money.

And sound great while doing it!

Revive and rev up your Christian station’s programming and income with the monthly AIRSHOW Imaging and Programming Package. 40 Dazzling features each month customized to your station. Find out why it’s been the #1 imaging package in the U.S. and Canada since 1998. Give it a free, no obligation test drive: 100 features customized for your station!

Transform your station sound! Add 10 or More fresh voices to your spots, promos, or underwriter spots.

Or go further and let US be your entire production department! Listen here for samples of our voice talent.

Christian Radio Edge is our easy consulting service.

1) Get our FREE massive package of online articles, podcasts and videos packed with consulting advice for your station.
2) Then look into getting our “Overhaul and Tuneup” consulting package for $199. A comprehensive, concise diagnostic report on your station: What you have right. What you need to overhaul.

$500 of FREE: Imaging, Sweepers, IDs, promos, voice and Consulting. Just contact us! No cost, no obligation.

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